Dear Nir, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the clearly fundamental questions you posed me during this year…I was able to move a month ago into a new role. Although it is challenging, I have gained new "momentum" to pursue a new career!

A team leader in a multinational

I was initially a bit sceptical, but Nir's transparent, honest and collaborative approach soon made me change my mind. Nir's results spoke for themselves: the team that he evaluated was one of the best I ever worked with, and Nir has been a trusted friend and business partner ever since.

Directeur chez Holcim

Nir's contribution to the creation of a new organisation was extraordinary. He helped in assessing new talents joining us as well as supporting the various teams in becoming more effective. I wish I had listened to his advice more often...

HR director in a Multinational

Nir consulted me for many years in various international HR projects within two industries. Nir is a top professional in running Development Centers, facilitating Teambuilding activities and leading Executive Coaching. Besides, he has a true interest in people and I would recommend him without any hesitation anytime.

Marc Krummacher

Feedback of participants in our workshops

  • Most interesting is that the attendees "make" the course. So if attendees are motivated to progress and come prepared, this is an ideal learning program.
  • The discussions around the case studies and the feedback given by all participants are eye-opening. This was done in a real open way.
  • I learned so much not only from the results of group analysis on my case, but also from the others’ cases.
  • As the session was not classroom training but full participation of all participants was required all the time, this was a real different training then usual. Very positive on the experiences and feedback.
  • It was a great training with a real added value.
  • The trainer worked very well with the group (adapting to the needs and dynamic of the group).
  • The course is highly practical, which is a big advantage.
  • All parts were equally interesting and relevant for my daily work and I have been able to apply some of the tips received already.
  • I Got a different perspective on my situation. I realize I was too worried, while reality was more positive, hence I did not have to force things.
  • After the session I realize I do things differently, even without thinking about it consciously.
  • I worked a lot on my role and this modified how people react to me.
  • It’s the first time I question deeply what I do. This is fundamental. .It changed my way to work.
  • All in all, the success of this particular course depends entirely on the competence of the facilitator, and Nir Zalts is excellent.