Nir Zalts


Passionate expert in learning and development, I practice leadership coaching, workshop facilitation and team building programs since 1992. During these years, I have accumulated significant experience, helping professionals who work in international environments. Hence, I’m very familiar with their business and personal challenges. This helps me to provide a focused and pragmatic coaching and facilitation. My clients appreciate me for a quick understanding of their needs, open-mindedness, attentive listening and a genuine commitment to create a substantial added value. In the workshops I facilitate people feel rapidly safe to share their concerns authentically with their team members. Furthermore, my leadership experience as a manager in consulting firms, as a father to 4 children and as a basketball coach gives a special flavor to my approach.  I’m capable to coach in English and in French.

Main Coaching and facilitation assignments in the last 10 years

  • Holcim : Coaching in country management level, potential assessments for recruitment and for  talent identification. Team-building workshops, especially in the context of integrating new companies in Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Nestlé: Team development workshops in Globe (IT) and in R & D. Transversal Leadership programs - Influencing without authority
  • Novartis: Workshops for marketing and medical affaires groups: analysing our role in a changing environment.
  • Hotela: Supporting an organizational change through Leadership and team coaching
  • Raiffeisen Suisse: Helping new directors to take their role effectively.
  • Crédit Suisse business school: Coaching for leaders (middle management).
  • EPFL: Transversal Leadership programs for staff
  • IMD business school: 360° coaching for leaders and out door team seminars.
Nir Zalts