Ledership Coaching

Coaching in the work environment is a tool, which aims to help leaders and other professionals to optimize their potential, performance and well-being. It may take different forms and its methodology depends closely on the goal of the process. Like in sport, professional coaching could focus on the individual, on the interaction of two people and/or on the whole team. Momentum’s experience shows that coaching is a helpful process particularly in the following situations:

  • Taking over a new, challenging management role
  • Having difficulties with the team or with the boss
  • Looking for the appropriate work – family balance
  • Managing through turbulent times
  • Feeling a difficulty to manage stress or energy

My conception of Leadership coaching

  • Activate and stimulate your potential
  • Identification of personal or collective resources to deal with issues
  • Foster self awareness, especially understand the impact one has on others
  • Balance pleasure, performance and hard work

Collaborating in a coaching program means to me…

  • I measure my success through the success of the coachee
  • I look for continuous improvement
  • Trust, integrity and confidentiality are fundamental
  • I practice attentive listening combined with challenging
  • Pragmatic approach « to the point »
  • Looking for substantial added value
Ledership Coaching