Organizational Dialogue

Our approach aims to create a dialogue between different voices in the organization: the voice of top management and the voice of “staff” for instance. Often these represent different points of view (or roles), which observe the organizational reality from different angles. Merging these perspectives may provide a rich, new understanding of issues and a real “boost” to organizational effectiveness.

Momentum-people will help you:

  • To identify the main enablers and barriers for organizational effectiveness
  • To explore the different points of view and to define appropriate actions
  • To develop a culture, which supports high performance, constant learning and well-being

Change Coaching

Implementing a new IT system (SAP for instance) or setting up a new activity in the organization are sensitive processes, in which success depends on the way the change is introduced and managed. The new adventure causes a “redistribution of the cards” in the organization and a need to let go of comfortable habits. For some people this provides exciting and stimulating opportunities but for others the initiative may engender worries and lead to resistance. Further, the new hires and consultants, which are involved in the project, challenge the way things are done. This might also create conflicts and thus hamper the project.

Momentum will help you:

  • To anticipate barriers for change, which have to do with people
  • To foster effective collaboration between people involved in the project
  • To assess the fit of candidates for the new venture
  • To establish a healthy dialogue within the organization
  • To help the existing people to accept change and to adapt to the new situation